What if I have more than one child at the same address?   

No problem! We can include two kids and two enclosures at no additional cost for the letters. If you have more than two kids receiving more than one letter, you can address it to the whole family, i.e. The Smith Family.


How soon will it ship?

Within 5 business days.


What if this is a gift?

No problem! Just make sure you check the gift box on the checkout page and you will have the option to include a gift note.


How often will we receive a letter from Sunny?

Once per week.


What age group is best suited for Sunny's letters?

Sunny's letters are perfect for ages 4-8.


This is a gift. Can I have a certificate to give so the recipient knows they have a subscription?

Yes! Click here for a certificate.


Can we write to Sunny?

Sunny is pretty busy delivering mail around the globe and doesn't have too much time to answer personal letters YET but we are working on this and hope to have something set up soon. Stay tuned!


Can we cancel at anytime?

YES - you can cancel anytime.